Sunday, February 13, 2011


(I don't know why, I look evil here.)

Hi peeps. It's another boring day for me. Hah. Well, I've got so many homework to do over this weekend. ): . I h a t e i t. I still got 5 essays not done which I have to hand it in tomorrow. D: . Dangerous. I'll make sure I get it done before sleeping. Heeeheeee. I just came back from jogging and, it's really peaceful again~ And tomorrow is Valentine's Day. ^^v. Awwww. Not gonna be any special day for me. Teeeheeeeee. I want chocolates please. Thank you~ . Currently got so many things to buy on my list. D: . I'll be broke for sure. ): . Alright then, I'll end here. Byeee~

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