Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm reading my old blog post, 2007-2009. How long ago was that! Hahahaaa! I think I'm so pure and cute last time. Hhahahahaha. I seem sooooooooo happy than I am now everyday. Hahahaha. And found many retarded photos of me and my friends. Really funny memories. So happening everyday.

Well, anyway I think my school got many weird people. HAHAHAHA. I noticed there are people who would keep smiling to themselves or even, keep smiling to everybody he/she sees. LOL. Fucking weird. It's like we don't even know who he/she is. My bio class got one. LOL. Or maybe, someone who is overly friendly and start talking to you. Then I'll be like, should I answer? Should I not? HAHAHA.

Oh, talking about that. I realise it's damn awkward sitting in a train, especially when you can't listen to any song at that time and you don't know what to do so you just stare into spaces. When somebody sit opposite me, I'm like staring into spaces at another side, but the person opposite me will thought that I'm actually looking at him/her. Awkward max. Then he/she will give those "why you keep looking at me" kind of face. LOL.

So I tried to look down. But.... I think it's still very weird. Don't you think? Or maybe... when you're in a damn crowded train and you happened to get a seat. Then someone stand infront of you. So basically, you can't look anywhere else. LOL. So you'll just look down. What if it happens to be a guy.......... o.o . Sigh... wth... Kkkk, I shall not go into it. LOL.

Hahahaha k, end here! Bye~

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