Thursday, March 10, 2011


(I think my photo explains my mood quite clearly. HAHAA)

Hi people! Well, today is a tiring day for me! I had CCA in school which ends at 6pm. Quite slack today. Not that tiring as usual. Hhahahaha. So after CCA I chiong to have Street Jazz class. Oh yes, I reached there and I went high. AHAHHA! I not sure why. Maybe it's my hairstyle. Hairstyle changes people's mood. HMM. AGREE. HAHAHAHHAAAAA. Ya, so I was all jumpy and bouncy, jumping all around, screaming and shouting. Anywaaay, the dance we learnt today is so niceee. Mei mei~ Hahhaha! K, it's getting late and I've got school, cca and tuition tomorrow. SO BYEEE!

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