Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hiii, I didn't update my blog for two days~ Yup. Two days. Many interesting things I got to update. But pictures are not with me now. I promise to upload them cause I've many nice pictures to share! Hehehehehe.

Well, I had CCA in school as usual, tho it's holiday. Went to Ikea with Brenda and Jonas. ^^. We had delicious Ikea meatballssssss! And many more! Damn full. It's been a while since I've ate SOOOOO MUCHHH in a day. Shit. Hahahhaa! All brenda's fault! HAHAA

And we met xiwen to slack for awhile and went home. Thats about it for today! And I'm having awful flu and sore throat. Sigh.... Ciaos~


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