Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marina Squareee / Dolly Wink No.1 Review

Hi readers. I'm here to blog once again~ Well,usually I really do hate Wednesday cause of those boring double period and also Assembly): So boring can. But this Wednesday is a special one. HAHAHAHA. I heard many interesting news from people in school or people from outside school. Basically, my friends la. Different friends. Hahaha. Shock of my life. So many juicy news. HAHAHAHA! My heart cannot take it. Too exciting.

Well anyway, that's not the point righttt? So ya, I went out with Liz, Michelle, Jae, Lois, Selina, Junxian, Youngster and Bboy Gate. Pretty fun! We went to Marina Square. Actually going to Sentosa. So met them, and walk around and had fun. Hahaha. So on the way, saw this korean shop and I bought a strawberry ice-cream~ Hahahaaa!


And so, after that, we walked pass this toy crawl machine shop. So many cute stuff. Hahaha. And it was really funny. Youngster tried to get those three hello kitties. BUT WE COULDN'T GET IT IN THE END. ALMOST THERE THO. HAHAHAH! Cute!

Afterward we just hang out in the Arcade, playing games, banging machines and stuff like that. Was actually gonna play bowlingggggggg. But idk why cannot.
So we head back to The Sail. And we got present that friends got from Malaysia. Hahahahaa. It's a damn cute notebook. It look like those olden days martial arts book. HAHAHA! Damn cute! I like!

Slack awhile then went off with Liz to eat subway and went home~

And also, as requested, I'm gonna do a short review on my new Dolly Wink false lash.

No.1 Dolly Sweet.

I bought it like yesterday from Watsons and it costed around 24sgd? I forgot. LOL. But anyway, they comes in two pairs.
These false lashes are very light weighted and it feels comfortable when you wear them. It have these clear and flexible band which can easily fit the shape of your eyes.
No.1 Dolly Sweet look pretty alike compared to Mac No.7 . ^^ . You can google it. I love itttt. It's really very nice. I do like the design. But buy it if you like long lashes fanning out at the outer edges of your eyes. Hahahhaa. Cause it really long as compared to other normal lashes. If not you would have to trim it and I think it's a waste ya! Yup thats all about it.

Ya and heres a picture of me wearing it. My scary eyes. Okay~ Bye~~

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