Saturday, March 5, 2011

New tutorial. Hahahaaaa.

Hi readers. I'm here to blog once again! Hahhahaa!
Well, my sister bought me this new Majolica Majorca new blusher in Apricot Macaron OR302. The colour is realllly nice! So sweeeet. The design of the blusher is cute too! There's other colour as well. And one is hot pink which is limited edition.

And also I loooveee this month new Popteen magazine. So many chio stuff inside. Hahahhaaha eyelashes, etc etc...

Well, today I went to have dance session with friends and did a waackin' choreo with liz and clarissa. Hmm mm~ First waacking choreo. Hmmm mmm~ HAHAHAHA!

Anyway I did a new make up tutorial.


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