Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sentimental Circus

Hiii. Went to Liang Court with sister today. And and my sis bought Sentimental Circus coin purse for me. Omg. I'm really happy. THANK YOU. SENTIMENTAL CIRCUS SO DAMN CUTE. RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Cute right!!!!
Extremely cute. >< .

Haaaa, anyway, just now I tried to tie my hair. AND I CAN TIE A BUN. HAHAHA. I thought my hair was too short for bun. Kekekeke. I'm happy. :P Check out my hairrrr. Kakkakaaaa.

And I was playing with my webcam. Yup. LOL. I don't know whats with >>> photo. And recorded a video. And I thought I look like a frog.

And I really love handsome guys who can play instruments. HAHAHA. SO HANDSOME. ESPECIALLY MIYAVI... Gazette toooo... Recently I kinda like CN Blue. Also cooool. Hahahaaaa.

Okayy, bye~ <3 Hahaha!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Guzu guzu

It's been a while since I the last time I ate Yoshinoya beef bowl. Mmm~. My favourite. Hahaha. Today was my first exam paper. Nothing much about it. Hahaha, just hope that I can pass.

I'm feeling extremely sleepy. Didn't get to have my normal nap. ): . And just came back from my longggggggggggggggggggg maths tuition. I almost start to laugh uncontrollably in his lesson. He do weird stuff. I can't stand it. But I managed to hold it in. Hahahaha!

And few days ago, I watched this movie, Crow Zero.
It's like story about young teenage gangsters, fighting etcetc.. I didn't expect myself to watch that. But it's surprisingly nice and funny. Hahhaa. I first decided to watch was because of Oguri Shun. So cute. :P . And I'm gonna watch the 2nd movie sooon~ Hahahhaa. Alright then! Shall end here ya!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Omo omo omo omo... Hahaha. Tomorrow I'll be having my first exam paperrrr. Which is English paper. Not so nervous... Hahahahaa. I'm worried about my maths and science. T.T . And I've yet to finish my art!!!! I'm not even done with one colour scheme. Shit.

It's okay. I think I somehow will manage to finish it. I'm going to memorise some good phrases for english composition. Break a leg to those having examinations~ I wonder if that's how you use 'break a leg'. Hahhahahaa. Ja, mata! ^^v

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And then....

I think I hate Tuesday more than Monday. Hahahaa. There's like bloody hell 2 hours of Chinese lesson. I thought I was gonna die in the class.... And thennnn I was thinking of Ramen... And thennnnn I fell asleeeeeep. And thennn I don't know what am I talking about nowwww... and thennn... kk byebye. HAHAH!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just another Monday.

School is boringggg... and this friday is when my Mid-year exam startsssss.

Well, there's nothing much... so yaaa. sharing so songs. Kekeke

I had been watching anime recently. Kimi ni Todoke. Hahaha. Quite a funny and cute anime. Like pure love story kind of thing. Hahahhaaa. Haven't move on to the second season. I think I should study... Hahhaha!

Alright! Ja, mata!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hii went out with wifey today. Cause I remember a few days ago, she told me O2 Skin got sales. Their eyeshadow very cheap. And yuppp, I ask her pei me go see. And bought a few eyeshadow!

Very pretty colours. ^^

After parkway, we went to Serangoon NEX mall. Many things. So we just walk around and around. Hhahahaa.
Sit down and eat some stuff.

I was craving for chee cheong fan. Hahahhaa. Sadly, it doesn't taste good. :P .

And then we went back to walk again, around and around. hahahaha. Bought some sushi and went home!

Ahh~ so sleepy. I'mma go watch my anime. Byeeee!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beef stew.

Hahaha, guess what, this is my somehow first attempt smiling with my teeth shown.


Anyway, today is a public holiday~ I cooked dinner for Family. Beef stew. Oiishi des.
I'll let the photos do the talking.

Yumzx. Kekeke. Alright, ending here. Baaaiii~<3

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hello my dear readers. First of all,


Hahhahaa, Love you wife! Hhahahaa. Hope you get prettier and prettier each day. HAHAHA.

So I celebrated for her like a mini one. LOL. Together with Lizzie. Kekekkee. We went to buy her a cake. :P Very cute desu.

CUTE RIGHT! TOLD YA. HAHAHA. I drew the panda! While Lizzie decorate the rest. Kawaii desho?

So went to meet wifey. I told her I only wanna pass her birthday present. Then suddenly Lizzie walk out with the cake. Kekekkeke. :P
(Picture from maki-chan's blog.)

The card I gave her damn cute la. Got song somemore. HAHAHAH. So ya, we sat there and chat for awhile and went home. Kekkekee.

Well, just now had Speech Day in school. Performed. Sweated. Tired. Hahhahaa. :P . K la bye. <3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hi. I'm here again. I'm bored. Had english course in school just now. I'm happy that it's the last lesson. And this Friday is a good friday. So I'm happy x100.

I'm pretty sleepy right now. I guess I will go and sleep after this episode of Kimi ni Todoke. So cute la. Such cute anime. Kekekekekkee. Addicted. Hahahaaaa. Okay okay, bye bye. Love you all!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hiiii, I'm blogging. Hahahhaa. Yesterday there was R16 Funkstyle battle. Before R16 was inmyseoul k-idol competition. Hahah. I was there to help out. Hehehee. Everybody was very busy! Me too, me too. Hahahahhaa. :P .

AH yaaaaaa. I drank this super nice strawberry milk shake! YUMZX. REALLY NICE. AHAHHA.

I like strawberry supaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa much lately.

And yesterday I was like dying. CAUSE I DIDN'T EAT FOR THE WHOLE DAY. O H M Y G O D. I was desperately looking for food.

And yaaa, I went to the backstage and stole some fries to eat. Hahhaaaa. That's all. :P. And later I had super bad headache. T.T . So bad, so bad.

And also, I went to check out new MG studio. Hehehe, and managed to talk to Dj Batsu. Hahahaa. Cause yesterday I was fetching him from his hotel to the event hall, and I didn't dare to talk to him. He look scary. Hhahaaa! But yaaa, he's friendly afterall. ^^v.

I'm sleepy nowww. Reallllly sleepy. And tomorrow is Monday again. I'm sad. It's school day. ): . And mid-year exams is coming real soon. Sighhhh... baii baiiii.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Hiii, I had tuition just now. And I was laughing so hard that I almost died. My tutor unintentionally made me laugh. Sigh.. I feel bad. Cause he almost fell, and ya. I started laughing throughout. LOL! It's really funny la. Cause he have poker face.

Anyway, I'm loving my pink eyeliner. I look funny with my hair curled. HAHA. LIKE OLD WOMAN. SIGH. T.T I'm currently watching anime, Kimi ni Todoke. It's been so long since I watch anime other than Naruto. HAHAHAH! Alright! I'm going back to otaku mode. Byeee~

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heavy rain~

Hii went to town to get some stuff after school. Hmm~ Yoghurt. Yamiii. Hahhahaa. Today rain super heavily. Super scary.

I bought cute umbrella from Daiso. LOL. I bet it will spoil very soon tho. HAHAHA. BUT ANYWAY IT'S CUTE LA. ^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New makeup

Hey guys! I'm here to bloggg. I saw this girl with damn nice makeup. Some korean girl call Kim Yu Na if I'm not wrong. So I tried.

And also, I happened to see this blog which have many many many korean girls picture. And all very pretty. o.o . Like super clean skin, small sharp nose(I guess very likely is plastic). Hhahahahaa. :P . I think many people are going for plastic surgery nowadays. Hmmm. I want small sharp nose too... ^_^ . HAHAHA.

Okok, anyway, I like this kind of makeup, like just eyeliner... Hehehe, AND I'M LIKING MY NEW LENS. GEO PRINCESS MIMI SESAME GREY! NICE RIGHT? SO PRETTY!!! I'M GOING CRAZYYY.

And because I was trying to open my new lens, I cut my finger. T.T PAIN! ITAMII ITAMIIII.
Hehehe, I'm blogging early because I'm gonna take my nap now. My nap can be very longggg. Maybe till morning? Heehehe, who knowwwssss.. Byeee!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Hiii, it's a long day! So fast a week has passed. Gooooshhh, tomorrow is monday! I so not looking forward to school! ): !

Well it's been awhile since the last time I went out with my wifey! And yessss, we went out together today! We went to orchard with Liz as welll!

A picture before going out! Hahhaa! I like wifey's cup. Why so cute?

Well, so we were like walking around orchard. And later we went to Orchard Ion's Daiso. So many cute stuff!
Wife and her satanic horns. HAHAHAHA!

Lizzzie P with her beanieee. Kawaiii deshita!

We bought the same cute bowlll! I'll eat my dinner well each time, using this bowl. HAHAHAHA!
So, later Lizzie P when off, left me and wifey, wondering around orchard. We went to like Takashimaya, stucked in Kinokuniya book store. HAHAHA! It's our paradise. @_@ Shopped around, bought a few stuff and went home! Teeeheeeeee.

Now, here's the goods for today.

My cute bowl~

And ya, I wanted to buy a pink eyeliner for quite so time already! So, wifey told me that Kate has one. AND YESS, I BOUGHT! SO CHIOOO! I'll wear it out someday and take picture to show you guys. It's really cute. ^^

And yayyy, new contact lens that I've been dying forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Princess Mimi Sesame Grey! Pretty right! I'm gonna wear it and take picture too. HAHAHAH! :P . Super nice! I'm in loveeeeeee. Hehehehe.

Alright! I will end here! Bye bye! Gooodnight! Keeep reading~

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hi am here to blog. Nice day today. Hot at first, later started raining heavily. HMM.
Brought Rusty and Poker to swim today! So cute but naughty. They scared of the pool. HAHAHA.

So cute right! They look so cute together. ><

Anyway, I tried to tie my fringe. HAHAHA! French braid. NICE RIGHT! Tho my fringe is kind short but I still managed to braid it. Teeeheeee.