Wednesday, April 6, 2011


HIII, I WENT TO ORCHARD AGAIN BUT THIS TIME WITH LIZ. HAHAHA. I bought new magzxzxz. Popteen. Wooo so nice. Basically, we were just walking around, shop aorund and chit chat. ^^ . I drank this Passion Fruit Yogurt with aloe from Happy Lemon just now! SO NICE! I WANT TO DRINK AGAIN! HAHAHA. :{

And also I bought a new story book. Hehehehee. I'm gonna read. ^^v.

I'm thinking of making a new tutorial. But I don't know what kind of tutorial. HMM. Blahh...

ANYWAY, I THINK GUYS WHO CAN PLAY INSTRUMENTS ARE REALLY CUTE. Plus point if they are handsome. Hehehhee. So, I can see why I like Jrock songs, etc etc. :P . And I know why I like miyavi. BECAUSE HE'S SO COOL THAT HE CAN PLAY THE GUITAR SO WELLLL. HAHAHAHA. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Okok, I stop going gaga over those handsome boys. I'm sick. HAHAHAHA. :P . Alright then! Byeee!

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