Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And then....

I think I hate Tuesday more than Monday. Hahahaa. There's like bloody hell 2 hours of Chinese lesson. I thought I was gonna die in the class.... And thennnn I was thinking of Ramen... And thennnnn I fell asleeeeeep. And thennn I don't know what am I talking about nowwww... and thennn... kk byebye. HAHAH!


  1. XiaoQing! How u get the formspring box? I wanna put on my blog also but i dunno where to get the box code. =(

  2. Hello Aki-chan;-) I started to check your blog!
    I thought every young Singaporean can speak Chinese, But it actually seems not all of them can speak, hahaha^^;
    Have a nice day!!

  3. @Tsushima-san.

    Hahaha! Helllloooo. Yessss, every young singaporean can speak chinese. Hahahaa! It's just that Chinese lesson is too boring for me. Hehehe.


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