Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hii went out with wifey today. Cause I remember a few days ago, she told me O2 Skin got sales. Their eyeshadow very cheap. And yuppp, I ask her pei me go see. And bought a few eyeshadow!

Very pretty colours. ^^

After parkway, we went to Serangoon NEX mall. Many things. So we just walk around and around. Hhahahaa.
Sit down and eat some stuff.

I was craving for chee cheong fan. Hahahhaa. Sadly, it doesn't taste good. :P .

And then we went back to walk again, around and around. hahahaha. Bought some sushi and went home!

Ahh~ so sleepy. I'mma go watch my anime. Byeeee!

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