Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's a great day for me. Hahahaha! Body conditioning. I need to be slim and fittttttttttt. HAHAHA! It takes time of course. :{ .

Oh ya, I think I'm weird. I love the feeling of having muscle cramps. LOL! Cause it makes me feel fit. LOL. Like, a feeling of accomplishment cause I did some exercise or something. Anyway, I'm extremely motivated for waacking. Hahahhaa. :P . And I think House is really nice. I feel like learning. $#@$#$^%%$. Maybe I should try learning it myself. :P .

Tokorode, I've got a few songs to share! ^^

Enjoy! I'mma end my post here. (: Any idea what to blog for my next post? ^^

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