Friday, April 29, 2011

Guzu guzu

It's been a while since I the last time I ate Yoshinoya beef bowl. Mmm~. My favourite. Hahaha. Today was my first exam paper. Nothing much about it. Hahaha, just hope that I can pass.

I'm feeling extremely sleepy. Didn't get to have my normal nap. ): . And just came back from my longggggggggggggggggggg maths tuition. I almost start to laugh uncontrollably in his lesson. He do weird stuff. I can't stand it. But I managed to hold it in. Hahahaha!

And few days ago, I watched this movie, Crow Zero.
It's like story about young teenage gangsters, fighting etcetc.. I didn't expect myself to watch that. But it's surprisingly nice and funny. Hahhaa. I first decided to watch was because of Oguri Shun. So cute. :P . And I'm gonna watch the 2nd movie sooon~ Hahahhaa. Alright then! Shall end here ya!

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