Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Hiii, it's a long day! So fast a week has passed. Gooooshhh, tomorrow is monday! I so not looking forward to school! ): !

Well it's been awhile since the last time I went out with my wifey! And yessss, we went out together today! We went to orchard with Liz as welll!

A picture before going out! Hahhaa! I like wifey's cup. Why so cute?

Well, so we were like walking around orchard. And later we went to Orchard Ion's Daiso. So many cute stuff!
Wife and her satanic horns. HAHAHAHA!

Lizzzie P with her beanieee. Kawaiii deshita!

We bought the same cute bowlll! I'll eat my dinner well each time, using this bowl. HAHAHAHA!
So, later Lizzie P when off, left me and wifey, wondering around orchard. We went to like Takashimaya, stucked in Kinokuniya book store. HAHAHA! It's our paradise. @_@ Shopped around, bought a few stuff and went home! Teeeheeeeee.

Now, here's the goods for today.

My cute bowl~

And ya, I wanted to buy a pink eyeliner for quite so time already! So, wifey told me that Kate has one. AND YESS, I BOUGHT! SO CHIOOO! I'll wear it out someday and take picture to show you guys. It's really cute. ^^

And yayyy, new contact lens that I've been dying forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Princess Mimi Sesame Grey! Pretty right! I'm gonna wear it and take picture too. HAHAHAH! :P . Super nice! I'm in loveeeeeee. Hehehehe.

Alright! I will end here! Bye bye! Gooodnight! Keeep reading~

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