Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hello my dear readers. First of all,


Hahhahaa, Love you wife! Hhahahaa. Hope you get prettier and prettier each day. HAHAHA.

So I celebrated for her like a mini one. LOL. Together with Lizzie. Kekekkee. We went to buy her a cake. :P Very cute desu.

CUTE RIGHT! TOLD YA. HAHAHA. I drew the panda! While Lizzie decorate the rest. Kawaii desho?

So went to meet wifey. I told her I only wanna pass her birthday present. Then suddenly Lizzie walk out with the cake. Kekekkeke. :P
(Picture from maki-chan's blog.)

The card I gave her damn cute la. Got song somemore. HAHAHAH. So ya, we sat there and chat for awhile and went home. Kekkekee.

Well, just now had Speech Day in school. Performed. Sweated. Tired. Hahhahaa. :P . K la bye. <3

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