Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New makeup

Hey guys! I'm here to bloggg. I saw this girl with damn nice makeup. Some korean girl call Kim Yu Na if I'm not wrong. So I tried.

And also, I happened to see this blog which have many many many korean girls picture. And all very pretty. o.o . Like super clean skin, small sharp nose(I guess very likely is plastic). Hhahahahaa. :P . I think many people are going for plastic surgery nowadays. Hmmm. I want small sharp nose too... ^_^ . HAHAHA.

Okok, anyway, I like this kind of makeup, like just eyeliner... Hehehe, AND I'M LIKING MY NEW LENS. GEO PRINCESS MIMI SESAME GREY! NICE RIGHT? SO PRETTY!!! I'M GOING CRAZYYY.

And because I was trying to open my new lens, I cut my finger. T.T PAIN! ITAMII ITAMIIII.
Hehehe, I'm blogging early because I'm gonna take my nap now. My nap can be very longggg. Maybe till morning? Heehehe, who knowwwssss.. Byeee!


  1. Ouch, this happened to me once as I was trying to open the Geo Lenses case - hurt like mad at the time. Cute eye makeup ^^/

  2. Wow~ Nice Make up!
    By the way,I follow your blog
    Please follow my blog too^^
    I'm a newbie in blog :p

  3. This eye make-up style is damn pretty ! :D


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