Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hiiii, I'm blogging. Hahahhaa. Yesterday there was R16 Funkstyle battle. Before R16 was inmyseoul k-idol competition. Hahah. I was there to help out. Hehehee. Everybody was very busy! Me too, me too. Hahahahhaa. :P .

AH yaaaaaa. I drank this super nice strawberry milk shake! YUMZX. REALLY NICE. AHAHHA.

I like strawberry supaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa much lately.

And yesterday I was like dying. CAUSE I DIDN'T EAT FOR THE WHOLE DAY. O H M Y G O D. I was desperately looking for food.

And yaaa, I went to the backstage and stole some fries to eat. Hahhaaaa. That's all. :P. And later I had super bad headache. T.T . So bad, so bad.

And also, I went to check out new MG studio. Hehehe, and managed to talk to Dj Batsu. Hahahaa. Cause yesterday I was fetching him from his hotel to the event hall, and I didn't dare to talk to him. He look scary. Hhahaaa! But yaaa, he's friendly afterall. ^^v.

I'm sleepy nowww. Reallllly sleepy. And tomorrow is Monday again. I'm sad. It's school day. ): . And mid-year exams is coming real soon. Sighhhh... baii baiiii.

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