Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stay Home Day

Oh ya, you might be wondering whats that on my face with my cute PJ on. I tried doing my own DIY masks to moisture my skin and also reduce redness. I heard that mixing little bit of natural honey with milk does that! So yup, I added honey with milk, stirred, dipped cotton pad into the milk and leave it on areas I want for 15 mins. And it works quite well! Hehehe! You should try it tooo!

こんばんは! I'm gonna blog about today. Well, nothing much actually. Tomorrow will be my Chinese O Level paper. Good luck to me. May god bless me.

Pretty much a spoil myself day where I eat good food. @_@ . LOL. Drank some Happy Lemon, ate some Takoyaki. Best! Hehehhee.

My sister bought this acne thing for meeee, bliss. And I heard it's realllly gooooooooood.

Within two weeks time if I do recover from my acne problems, I'll do a review on it k! Hehehe.


Alright I'll end post here. It's getting late! I shall sleep now! Goodnight!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I don't know what TItle to put.

Hiiii, I look damn weird today, cause I'm lazy to do my makeup, so I anyhow do. Then I end up with small eyes. Sigh... Let me start talking about yesterday..

Yesterday night after tuition, I went home. And later around midnight went to Mustafa with my two sisters and their friend, Jane. Kakakaaaa. I didn't wanna go at first because I was frigging tired. But I don't know why I just followed them out. Crazzzy. T.T . But it was funnnnn. So many things there. @_@ Like mountains. Both a few stuff then cabbed home like 3 plus going 4 I think? Hahahhaa. Super late. And I slept immediately. Like pig.

And today went to City Plaza to eat the very nice noodle. Hahaha. And to shop around. Bought a few clothes and this hair thingy for me to curl the bottom part of my hair. I not sure if it works. But I will try. Hahahhaa, if it's good, then I can save money and not buy thick hair curler~ Teeeheeee.
And and Liz bought soyjoy for me yesterday. We went to Watson and saw Soyjoy. So we were saying that soyjoy taste damn disgusting. HAHAHA. Then she say, she buy for me, and I must eat. I just ate one choco one. It didn't taste as bad as the first time I ate it. HAHAHA. I somehow think it taste pretty good...

Friday, May 27, 2011


Sup. I'm here to blog. Today is like freaking boring in school. Got back report book. And it sucked. I gotta buck up. I know. >< . And had my tuition today, very fun and feeling very sleepy at the same time. I bought like sweets to keep myself alive. But I think I'm dying soon. So... yup!

Sometimes when I'm feeling troubled, I feel like, some things, I just couldn't share it with my friends although I'm dying to share it with someone. I feel that, they just couldn't understand it. No matter who. And it just feels really bad keeping inside... Sigh.. K, nevermind. Let it be. ):


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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hi dear readers!
As you all know, maybe not all. HAHAHA. I've a blogshop! !
My blog had been quite dead. Hahaha, but recently, I've updated. I've added some new clothing!
They are preorder, however, no minimum capping is needed! Which means, less waiting time is needed! We are also selling GEO circle lens too! So what are you waiting for? Visit ! Do support! Thank you very muchhhhh~

Support okay? I will love you. Heehheheheeee.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recently, the weather is damn hot again. Humidddddddddddddd. I seriously hope it rains. Like really rain... T.T it is so freaking hot that I thought I'm gonna die.

And in few weeks in school will be tough for me. >< . So many things to do. I'm so sadddddddddddd. And always end late. I hope I can survive through all these! I'm watching last episode of Q10 now. I hope the ending would be gooood. And the male lead, Takeru Sato, I think he's quite handsome!!!!!!!!! Haahhaha! :P .

Alrighty, I'm gonna end my post here! See ya! Have a nice day~ Btw I just added the followers button. Follow me on blogger~

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Haul.

Hiii, today I'm gonna show you guys what I recently bought from blogshop or outside, etc etc. Just some random stuff. Hahahahahaha.

I bought this furry top. I believe is Liz Lisa inspired wool top. Very cute. Kakakkaa, btw, I having hard time to capture how I wear it ya. Hahahha! Cause I don't have a tripod. So yaaaaaaa.

The front part is just plain with nothing on it. But the back part is reallly cuteee. Got many many ribbons. However, the colour is not as nice as it seems on the blog la. So I'm a little disappointed. But still acceptable.

And also this cute light pink chiffon dress. Koreany feel. Really sweet dress. I like this best.
And also this checkered hoodie(?) Really cute with the two fur ball in front. And also the stocking tooo. Super prettttty!

All the tops are bought from except for the stocking. I think you can get it from . I think they got supply from there. Hahaha, I don't know~ Just guessing. The stocking I don't know is from which blogshop cause wifey helped me to order it. ^^

Oh ya, and my picture above with light brown hair? Hahaha. That's a wig. LOL. I don't quite like the wig though. Cause it like different from the picture? Like seriously different. -Pout- If you wanna know where I got it, it's from -pout- x2. Make me look like a cosplayer. Sigh.

And I went to Watson to buy this Love More mask for whitening, hydrating and sebum control. I tried one. And it's not bad... I do become fairer. Kakakaka, and waking up in the morning skin feel really soft. -boing boing- And oil free. TRY. Hahahaha! The packaging very cute!
Okok, I feel like drinking bubble tea! Bye bye!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hi, you can call me Xiaoqingarella Pandarinda for today and I'm from um.. Australia. (Kidding.)

ANYWAY, TODAY IS LIKA BORING AS USUAL K. After school, Liz came to my house and we just watch tv, use computer, eat and then prepare for tuition. Kaaaaaakakakaka. Sorry, I'll keep my post short today because, tomorrow, it will probably be a long post! So ya, bye! <3 you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi.. I'm damn depressed, cause I received some of my exams paper today. I don't wanna see anymore. I'm gonna dieeeeeeeeeee. And what's more. I saw my June holiday extra lesson time table. Omg.............................. Everyday 7.45am to 4pm. T.T . -Cries-

For two weeks. Sadded.

Why like thissssssssss!!!!

Anyway, just came home from Orchard. I went to Watson sales with both my sisters. Hahaha, bought some contact lens solution! I was tempted to buy many things but, I just bear with it. I gotta save money yo.

And yup, that's it! Bye~ ^^v

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

End of happy long weekend.

( Sorry, I keep doodling on my lips. It's not for fun. But I just wanna censor it cause it looks really gross. HAHAH! )

Hiiiiiiii. Yesterday went out with Wifey. First, we went to Woodlands. Hhahaha. Super far! Went there to have her naval piercing. Scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

Then we went alllllllll the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to Vivo City. Omg, damn far again. Hahahaha! She accompanied me to collect my handphone. I finally sent it for repair. Like finally. And finally it's doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My phone is aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Heheheheheee. But the waiting time was so long. Kakakaka.

So wifey went to eat. And we just keep chatting and chatting until we go home. So yup! That's it!

And today, I went to Lizzie's house to slack. Hahahhahaha! It's public holiday~ Yohoooo~ And I'm sad that tomorrow I'll be back to schoooooooooool. And all the results will be out one by one............ And I'll faint when I see my results............... -cries-

Andddddddddd... my sis bought me Ettusais' Dual Effect Trial kit. Hooo. It's for whitening and also acne. Kakakak, and I think it works pretty well. Hmm, like I wake up in the morning. My face like fairer. EHEHEH Love it. Thank you~ Kkakakaa.
Alright, I'll probably one day post all the stuff I bought online. Okay~ Bye people!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello my dear readers! I went to work out in the gym at Miki-chan's house with Sakae-chan. For those who are wondering who are they.... I'm not gonna tell you. K. Hahahahaha! Wooohoo, I've sweat alot for goodness sake!

And, I'm gonna blog about something like really random cause I suddenly thought of it. Usually, I get alot of people saying that I look really fierce, unfriendly, anti-social, kind of thing. Which, I am obviously not... As in, I'm really friendly la. Hahahaha! Last time, I mean really long ago, before I even started this blog, I've got another blog. Hahahha. And there my profile I said that "I am friendly." Then I get people writing on my tagboard saying, "Fuck you, you don't even look friendly." God, so saddening right? Hahaha, anyway, who caresssss. Like, blog is for people who don't understand me to read righttt? So you'll understand me more, rightttt? Something like that.

So, I was thinking like, there are pros and cons for blogging. For the cons, I would have people criticizing me like, "You put on too much makeup." or "You're disgusting." That kind of thing. I mean like, why bother to read my blog if it pisses you off right? Crazy... Omae baka ka? I bet you're just some keyboard warriors, who are scaredy cat like only insult people using computers. Keeeekeee. So get this straight into your head: Hate me? Fuck you. _|_

And pros is that, I love sharing things with people. Like, people ask me where I get this, where I get that. Ooo, I'll be happy to answer you guys! Hahahhaa! So ask me more. But make sure your questions is appropriate. Else I won't answer you. LOL.

Anyway moral of the story is... "Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you will get criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do and damned if you don't." Hahahaha. I know this is a long post. BUT I GOTTA TYPE IT OUT. CAUSE I'LL FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE IF I DON'T. HAHAHA!

I'm feeeling hungry now! Imma go eat my dinner! Mata ne~ (^v^)v

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hi peeps. Blogger was down like yesterday or something. And my previous blog post is like being removed or something. I believe blogger rolled back. ): . Sad.

I woke up like super early today to bring my nokia phone for repair service. Blah. My phone was spoil for like 1 or 2 months. And finally I decided to bring it for service. Haaahaaa.

Afterwards went to have my lunch at Shih Ling. I finally got to eat my oyster mee sua! Ahhh! Umaaaaaaaiiiiiii. Kekeke.

And my sister ate their Chicken Cutlet rice. There 's this tofu that come with it. Super nice.

So we went to Liang Court, once again. LOL. And bought Sentimental Circus stuff. I swear I'm damn in love with it. CUTE RIGHT. I saw the wallet too. ): . I shall buy the next time. Kekekeke.

Later, went to Chinatown to meet mummy. Walked around and went home... SUCHA LONG DAY. I'M GETTING SLEEPY. T.T . I'm going to take a nap now. Byeee people~

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Can't sleep.

I didn't wanna blog today. But currently, I can't seem to fall asleep. So I'm like blogging, trying to kill time. I'm currently watching videos on youtube. ~.~ . And I'm like watching Prepix videos now. They awesome. Cool, cool.

So I was watching all these, and I'm still not sleepy.

And I think the girl in this video is pretty good. Kekeke.

Oh well, I guess I'm getting sleepy! I'm happy! I'm gonna go sleep now! Oyasumi!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hi! Yesterday was a public holiday and today I've got no exam so I didn't have to go to school. But still went back for remedial lesson.. Kekekeke. Tomorrow will be my Biology paper. Ahhh~ All the best to me!

I'm like watching Koizora movie again. T.T It's so sad! Where to find such a cute and sweet boyfriend. It's such a sad movie. Getting me all emotional each time I watch it. T.T T.T T.T T.T . I do prefer the movie than the drama cause the actors and actress in the drama like don't know how to act. HAHAHAH! They make it awkward unlike the Miura Hauma & Yui Aragaki. Kekekekeke. So handsome and cute!

Well, was watching Koizora halfway while mummy passed me one strawberry. Ichigo ga suki desu!


Monday, May 9, 2011



Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy mothers' day! (: . Damn. The weather is super hot that I'm about to die. Summer everyday plus summer season. I'm drying up.

Didn't do anything much today. Just went out to eat with my family, aunt, cousins.

SUPER FULL ARRRR.. Nice food. Kekekekeke. And had my favourite claypot tofu. Keeekeeee. (^v^)

Went back, eat Tiramisu that my sis made. Hahahaha. I haven't eat it yet because I'm extremely full. I will eat it tomorrow I guess?

Alright, ending my post here! Ja, mata!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gai gai.

Happy face. Hahahhahaa. My sis cam really nice. @_@ HD.

Went Orchard with sis todayyyy. Just shop and walk aroundddddddd. Drank Happy Lemon. @_@ . And tried this Aromatic Tea Latte. Really nice. New favourite. Hahahaha!

I really have to buy one Onigiri each time I go to town. (^∇^)v
Yum yummmmmmmm.
I think people are watching the voting resultssss. Becha becha. Kekekek, while I'm here reading manga. Hohooooo. ^o^ . Alright bye~ ^^

And tomorrow is Mother's Day! Have you guys bought your mummy day presents yeettttt?