Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy mothers' day! (: . Damn. The weather is super hot that I'm about to die. Summer everyday plus summer season. I'm drying up.

Didn't do anything much today. Just went out to eat with my family, aunt, cousins.

SUPER FULL ARRRR.. Nice food. Kekekekeke. And had my favourite claypot tofu. Keeekeeee. (^v^)

Went back, eat Tiramisu that my sis made. Hahahaha. I haven't eat it yet because I'm extremely full. I will eat it tomorrow I guess?

Alright, ending my post here! Ja, mata!


  1. Mother's day on 8th May is global common day? OMG, I didn't know |0|
    I wanna be a good son for my mother today, but that's so difficult from Thailand to Japan><
    Tiramisu umasoooooooooo

  2. Maybe you can make a call or something.^^. Love from Thailand to Japan. Hahahah. Hai, tottemo oiishi desuuuuu! Hahaaha


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