Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello my dear readers! I went to work out in the gym at Miki-chan's house with Sakae-chan. For those who are wondering who are they.... I'm not gonna tell you. K. Hahahahaha! Wooohoo, I've sweat alot for goodness sake!

And, I'm gonna blog about something like really random cause I suddenly thought of it. Usually, I get alot of people saying that I look really fierce, unfriendly, anti-social, kind of thing. Which, I am obviously not... As in, I'm really friendly la. Hahahaha! Last time, I mean really long ago, before I even started this blog, I've got another blog. Hahahha. And there my profile I said that "I am friendly." Then I get people writing on my tagboard saying, "Fuck you, you don't even look friendly." God, so saddening right? Hahaha, anyway, who caresssss. Like, blog is for people who don't understand me to read righttt? So you'll understand me more, rightttt? Something like that.

So, I was thinking like, there are pros and cons for blogging. For the cons, I would have people criticizing me like, "You put on too much makeup." or "You're disgusting." That kind of thing. I mean like, why bother to read my blog if it pisses you off right? Crazy... Omae baka ka? I bet you're just some keyboard warriors, who are scaredy cat like only insult people using computers. Keeeekeee. So get this straight into your head: Hate me? Fuck you. _|_

And pros is that, I love sharing things with people. Like, people ask me where I get this, where I get that. Ooo, I'll be happy to answer you guys! Hahahhaa! So ask me more. But make sure your questions is appropriate. Else I won't answer you. LOL.

Anyway moral of the story is... "Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you will get criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do and damned if you don't." Hahahaha. I know this is a long post. BUT I GOTTA TYPE IT OUT. CAUSE I'LL FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE IF I DON'T. HAHAHA!

I'm feeeling hungry now! Imma go eat my dinner! Mata ne~ (^v^)v


  1. I was confused about such as problem you mentioned in the blog, in mixi like facebook in Japan. Do you know it? Normally Japanese including my friends likes to criticize somebody who mentions something loudly and obviously;( This blog is understandable for me.
    But as you wrote, you don't need to care them. Actually your blog is so helpful for improvement of my English. Eigo ha muzukashii kedo, Ganbatte yonderuyo^^

  2. Hmm, I think it is alright to criticize people, cause I do criticize people too. But I don't find it necessary for them to send me nasty comments which I don't need. >.< .
    Hahaha! Hontoni? Ganbatteeeeeeeeeee! ^^v


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