Tuesday, May 17, 2011

End of happy long weekend.

( Sorry, I keep doodling on my lips. It's not for fun. But I just wanna censor it cause it looks really gross. HAHAH! )

Hiiiiiiii. Yesterday went out with Wifey. First, we went to Woodlands. Hhahaha. Super far! Went there to have her naval piercing. Scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

Then we went alllllllll the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to Vivo City. Omg, damn far again. Hahahaha! She accompanied me to collect my handphone. I finally sent it for repair. Like finally. And finally it's doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My phone is aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Heheheheheee. But the waiting time was so long. Kakakaka.

So wifey went to eat. And we just keep chatting and chatting until we go home. So yup! That's it!

And today, I went to Lizzie's house to slack. Hahahhahaha! It's public holiday~ Yohoooo~ And I'm sad that tomorrow I'll be back to schoooooooooool. And all the results will be out one by one............ And I'll faint when I see my results............... -cries-

Andddddddddd... my sis bought me Ettusais' Dual Effect Trial kit. Hooo. It's for whitening and also acne. Kakakak, and I think it works pretty well. Hmm, like I wake up in the morning. My face like fairer. EHEHEH Love it. Thank you~ Kkakakaa.
Alright, I'll probably one day post all the stuff I bought online. Okay~ Bye people!

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