Friday, May 6, 2011


Hiiiii, I had tuition just now~ . After tuition, went to meet up with Jonasyeoooo, Clara, Xiwen, Brenda and also Siowthong. Kekekeke. We were sitting there, chatting. ^^. I'm damn sad. When I first reach, Jonas asked me

Jonas: I think you become darker leh.
Me: Huhhh. Got meh? T.T
Jonas: Yaaaa.
Me: Omg... You're not the first to say that! T.T -sad-
Xiwen: No la no la maybe the lighting ba.

After later, Brenda reached.

Brenda: Eh xiaoqing, I you become darker is it.
Me: -Stone hit my head hard- Sigh....
Jonas: -Smack brenda- Shhh shhhhhhhhh.
Me: -emo-

HAHAHHAHA! Emoo.... Ok la, ok la, I go watch teeveee alreadddy! Bye!!

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