Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gai gai.

Happy face. Hahahhahaa. My sis cam really nice. @_@ HD.

Went Orchard with sis todayyyy. Just shop and walk aroundddddddd. Drank Happy Lemon. @_@ . And tried this Aromatic Tea Latte. Really nice. New favourite. Hahahaha!

I really have to buy one Onigiri each time I go to town. (^∇^)v
Yum yummmmmmmm.
I think people are watching the voting resultssss. Becha becha. Kekekek, while I'm here reading manga. Hohooooo. ^o^ . Alright bye~ ^^

And tomorrow is Mother's Day! Have you guys bought your mummy day presents yeettttt?

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