Saturday, May 28, 2011

I don't know what TItle to put.

Hiiii, I look damn weird today, cause I'm lazy to do my makeup, so I anyhow do. Then I end up with small eyes. Sigh... Let me start talking about yesterday..

Yesterday night after tuition, I went home. And later around midnight went to Mustafa with my two sisters and their friend, Jane. Kakakaaaa. I didn't wanna go at first because I was frigging tired. But I don't know why I just followed them out. Crazzzy. T.T . But it was funnnnn. So many things there. @_@ Like mountains. Both a few stuff then cabbed home like 3 plus going 4 I think? Hahahhaa. Super late. And I slept immediately. Like pig.

And today went to City Plaza to eat the very nice noodle. Hahaha. And to shop around. Bought a few clothes and this hair thingy for me to curl the bottom part of my hair. I not sure if it works. But I will try. Hahahhaa, if it's good, then I can save money and not buy thick hair curler~ Teeeheeee.
And and Liz bought soyjoy for me yesterday. We went to Watson and saw Soyjoy. So we were saying that soyjoy taste damn disgusting. HAHAHA. Then she say, she buy for me, and I must eat. I just ate one choco one. It didn't taste as bad as the first time I ate it. HAHAHA. I somehow think it taste pretty good...

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