Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Haul.

Hiii, today I'm gonna show you guys what I recently bought from blogshop or outside, etc etc. Just some random stuff. Hahahahahaha.

I bought this furry top. I believe is Liz Lisa inspired wool top. Very cute. Kakakkaa, btw, I having hard time to capture how I wear it ya. Hahahha! Cause I don't have a tripod. So yaaaaaaa.

The front part is just plain with nothing on it. But the back part is reallly cuteee. Got many many ribbons. However, the colour is not as nice as it seems on the blog la. So I'm a little disappointed. But still acceptable.

And also this cute light pink chiffon dress. Koreany feel. Really sweet dress. I like this best.
And also this checkered hoodie(?) Really cute with the two fur ball in front. And also the stocking tooo. Super prettttty!

All the tops are bought from except for the stocking. I think you can get it from . I think they got supply from there. Hahaha, I don't know~ Just guessing. The stocking I don't know is from which blogshop cause wifey helped me to order it. ^^

Oh ya, and my picture above with light brown hair? Hahaha. That's a wig. LOL. I don't quite like the wig though. Cause it like different from the picture? Like seriously different. -Pout- If you wanna know where I got it, it's from -pout- x2. Make me look like a cosplayer. Sigh.

And I went to Watson to buy this Love More mask for whitening, hydrating and sebum control. I tried one. And it's not bad... I do become fairer. Kakakaka, and waking up in the morning skin feel really soft. -boing boing- And oil free. TRY. Hahahaha! The packaging very cute!
Okok, I feel like drinking bubble tea! Bye bye!

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  1. you look super pretty~! How old are u?


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