Thursday, June 2, 2011


(I think I like my lips here.)

Hi there, it's a boring day for me. Hahahaha! After coming home from camp, I slept throughout till morning, going afternoon today. Hahaha. Great feeling. And tomorrow going to school again~ Just stayed at home, resting the whole day. And just now I was watching The Haunted on youtube. And it's pretty scary like demon. @_@ . Possession etc. Creepy!

I'm getting sleepy again. I think I can sleep for very long. Gosh... I think it's quite a bad thing right? Always sleeeeep again and again and again and again. And now I'm staring at this posting page thinking what to type... I'm thinking again, still staring... still staring....

Okok, now I know what I wanna do. I'm gonna go down and get some milk to drink. o.o . And... it's gonna be Melon milk. And... I'm gonna come home, lie on bed and read some magazine. Maybe my textbook. Hewheh.

Alright then, thanks for reading my craps! バイバイ


  1. You gonna come home, lie on bed and read some magazine, and then sleep quickly.... correct :P ?! のびた(from ドラえもん)は目を閉じてから3秒で眠れるらしいよ, hahaha^^
    Anyway after exam, class in my university has finished. Recently almost every day I sleep around noon, too>< That's wasting valuable time... Have some fun every day^^

  2. Hahahah! Yes! You're right! のびた sleep too much! Hahahha! Able to sleep for long hours everyday is awesome! Teach me japanese! :D


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