Sunday, June 5, 2011


Nice day people! Cooling weather. Raining so heavily this morning that I didn't wanna wake up. I love rain! (Not the korean star) . I wanna rolling around on my bed hiding inside my blanket for so long then decided to wake up. :P . Off to meet Brenda today. Hooo. I did took photo with her, but in her iphoneeee.

When was the last time I ate snow ice man! So long ago! Haahahhaa, she had Strawberry, I had choco banana. Chilly Chimp!

We walk around for so long. From Scape to Takashimaya, to Wisma, to Orchard, then back to scape. HAHAHHAA. Then we decided to sit own for tea at Toastbox. We were craving for the half boiled egg!

HEHEHEHE. Milk tea!
Random photos. Anyway, so we sit there to chill and chat for very long! And yup, finally we went home. Hahahhaa.

Here are my goods for today. Drank this fruit soda. Not that bad, not that nice either. Hahahhaa!

Mirror and miso soup!

Went to Etude house and bought this cute lip tint! Very nice! Kekekkeke. Okay, byebye! I'm getting lazy to blog because I just heard that I'm moving to the North East of Singapore. Hate it. Bye bye. ):

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