Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hiii! I'm here to blog! I'm not very active in blog lately! Someone please motivate me! Else my blog will soon die off. Hhahahaaha! Watched mummy pack some of my old albums in a box. Preparing to move out soon~ Found many cute and funny pictures of myself. Hhahaha! Especially primary school and kindergarden photos!

But there's like too much dust.. my nose super sensitive. It was damn itchy for the whole time...

Last night I was having mini private party with my sisters. Hahahah! As in my siblings yaaa. Hahahhaa. Then my eldest sister was doing her nails. So I thought of painting my nails too!

I'm not a nail art pro but I think I did a great job in this! Though this is abit messssy! Yayyyy, I drew strawberry and a ladybird! I think drawing with my left hand is hard... hand kept trembling. Cute rightttt!

I'm like enjoying myself. Do nails and mask at the same time. Cool?
And also, Choya is damn nice. I know this is random. HAHAH!

And also, dear readers! If I were to open Candy Doll & Dolly Wink preorder will you guys buy? Heehhehe, do leave me comment below or my formspring at the side!

Alright! I'll end my post here! バイバイ :P

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