Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey yo wassssuuupp. Beeen so lazy to blog lately! What to do! And it's the last week of my June break! School reopen next week! It'll be hell! ^^ . Anyway, went to NEX Mall with Lizzie today. And later Liyuen came to meet us. I think it's damn boring at NEX mall. It's so complicated that I don't know which way to go!

Then ate some super nice and cute Dorayaki. Oh, it's not red bean flavour though! I bought ham and cream? I forgot. Hahaha! But it's nice anyway! I see the way they make it like damn coooolzx. Damn nice tooooooooooooooooo. @_@ @_@ @_@ @_@ @_@. Hahaha!
I feel sooo sleeeepy! I got tuition tomorrow. And and and and and I'm watching this drama called Sunao ni Narenakute. Hahhaha! Very nice! ^^ Ja, mata ne~

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