Sunday, June 26, 2011


Beeen too busy to update my blog lately. Sorry guys! I'm kinda out of things to blog about. Till I've something interesting, I'll definitely blog. ^^.

Sometimes, I'm wondering, what's with the people nowadays? Under too much stress? Or what? Depression? Mentally unsound? Blaming things on people for nothing? Mad. Mad people. Hahaha. It's pretty hard for me to understand. And I don't think I wanna understand their craps either. Pretty much not in a good mood lately. Geez.

Anyway guess what? School's reopening tomorrow. Holy shit. I'm gotta trim my fringe, cut my finger nails. Make sure I'm neat and ready for school spot check. Especially my form teacher, who I feel that she's kinda always trying to pinpoint me or something for don't know what reasons... Not like I do bad things in school... ): Whatever.

Can't wait move house. Now I'm like sleeping with dusts. Geeez. Alright then. I'll end it here. ^^ Thanks for reading and do continue reading my craps! Bye!

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