Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anna Sui / Flea Market

Hi people! I haven't been active in blogging lately, as I'm pretty lifeless these few days, but anyway! Got some life back yesterday! First, I met with my sis for Anna Sui tea party. They launched their new Autumn collection 2011.  There are a few cool things. Very pretty tooo. Love their packaginggg. They had this eyelash thing damn cool la, don't know what it is callled.

This is the door gift yaaa.

Well, that day my sis and her friends selling things at flea market @ SCAPE. So I went there and slack. Hhaahhaa. Then asked Liyuen to come join me at flea. So went to shop around and bought some cheap tops. Kekekekekeee.

Yup, we seriously just walk anywhere we can, bought happy lemon, eat okonomiyaki. 

Well then I think that's about it! Let me end with the photos of me and ly. Bye~ Nights!

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