Sunday, July 3, 2011


WOW, MY BLOG IS SO DEAD! I CANNOT LET THIS HAPPENNNN! Hahahha! I was too busy! Busy moving house yea! But let me just talk about this few days!

Well, yesterday I had dance practise for a flashmob todaaaay.


And on the same day it was Clarissa's birthday! So Girlfriends celebrate it together, with others~ Heheheheh. Although it was short. But till, gathering once in a while is so much fun. Definitely after I graduate we're gonna dance more!!!

And yessssss, today we had flashmob by Singtel for Lady Gaga with 50 other people? Well, I was complaining and complaining with Liz and liyuen. Hahahah the weather so hot!!! And yup, spammed many polaroid pictures. Hahahaha. And the picture above is dinner with lovely girls Liz and Liyuen after the flashmob. Had dinner at LENAS. So awesome! Such a fun day with them! There's more to come! Hahahhaa, so keep reading~ Hopefully some interesting post coming up. Kekekkekee. Byebye!

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