Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Lately, I don't feel like blogging because, there's actually nothing much for me to blog. I'm totally about to neglect my blog like seriously... I'm definitely not having my havoc life yet because I'm still studying and gonna take my exams soon. I can't waittttttttttttt to graduate like, "fuck man.. seriously..."

Then let me find a topic to blog about! And recently, I guess my acne face is getting a lot better!! Well, I don't know what's the reason for it, I guess you'll just have to drink more water and don't touch your face so often. I actually, don't even care how I look in school because basically, there's not even a single person you can seduce in school. Hahahha wtf, I'm just joking yeah! Don't take me too seriously.

Anyway I'm having my diet plan for 1 week now, and it's seriously working like ZOMGWTF.... HAHAHAHA. I swear it really work for me. You don't even have to take pills, jog, etc. Actually, just control your meals. Heheheheheheheeeee.

And I'm going off to sleep now! Goodnight! Love you guys!

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