Monday, July 4, 2011


Hello dear peopleeeee. Went to practise waacking at The Sail today with Lizzie and Sakae yaaaa. So fun so fun. Hahahaha. And I'm still loving blue eyeliner. So pretty. :P

So we just keep dancing and dancing for around more than 2 hours? Hahahaha. Tired but fun! And and locking is so cute.

Lizzie went off first while me and Sakae-chan went to Plaza Singapura, Daiso to get some random stuff! I bought instant food for my after school lunch. T.T. Hahahhahahaha!
Afterwards we went to have our dinner before heading home. Hong Kong cafe~ Hahahahhaa. Yumz yumz.. Super yummy!

Not forgetting the superb HK Ice Milk Tea!

I bought a PETIT BIJOU Peach Touch Allover Spray from Etude House.  I loveeeeeeee the smell. So nice so nice. ^^ . Wanted to buy the perfume instead, but this seems to be better. I can spray on body, room, fabric, shoes and bags. Yesss. Haahahhahaha. Well, but everyone have different taste for fragrance.
Ahhh I just remember I got many homework waiting for me. So ya! Byeee~

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