Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dolly Wink Limited Edition

WASSUP. WASSSSUUPP. Hahaha. Guess what, I think I'm extremely smart. SUPER SMART TO THE MAX. Hahahaha. You wanna know why? Well, first, I went out of house this morning... and I forgot to bring my keys. So obviously, I couldn't go home without keys, and everybody is working till late. T.T . I was panicking... I panic and panic. So I end up traveling to my sis's workplace and she pass me her keys. HAHAHA

You know what's the best part? I reached home safe and sound. And I start looking for my keys. KNOW WHAT? IT'S ACTUALLY IN MY BAG LA F.... -.- Hahahaha. Okok. So moral of the story is, DON'T PANIC AND SEARCH CAREFULLY.  :P

 Anyway I got wifey to help me buy Dolly Wink Limited Edition! Wheeee. She told me that it was selling fast and she was outside that time. So she helped me to buy before it's gone! Yay!

And here it is:
It is consist 2 pairs of lashes upper and lower lash no.2 Sweet Girly and no.6 Baby Cute and also a limited edition case.  And if you're wondering why is it limited edition. It's actually a different coloured casing.

Yup, and heres the picture of the original pink case and the limited edition. It's purple. I think it's quite worth it if you don't wanna buy like two boxes of different lashes like one upper another lower. This consist two different onee. Yayyy. So pretty! ^^ . Hurry and get yourssssss.

Alright then! Hope you enjoyed reading today! Goodnight!

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