Sunday, July 10, 2011


Good evening people! I'm blogging yes! Today is Sunday. Omooooooooooo. There's school tomorrow. -sad- Anddddd, today I don't feel like doing anything~ I just wanna lay in my bed~. And I was ya, staying at home the whole day like Rusty. Hehehehee.

And this is gonna be a random post. AND HERES THE VIEW FROM MY ROOM WINDOW @ MY NEW HOUSE.

And I helped little Rusty to bathe today. Kekekek, it's feels like going for a war. He kept running away and splashing water at me. D: .
And we found his shopping bag. Hahahha surprisingly, he is able to fit in! So cute. My little boy is so cute! <3 

And what's for dinner? DUMPLINGS!!! YAYYYY! -scream for joy- And guess what, I was the one who make all the dumplings k. I wrap them alllllllllllllll. So many... T.T

 I finished using all the dumpling skin. Hooo. Cool?
 And I think I did a great job and it's super yummy because the fillings is not made by me. HAHAHA.

Heres a random picture of my messy stuff. Hoooo...

And I found a note written by my ex-form teacher.
To be yourself in a world that is to constantly trying to make you somethings else is the greatest accomplishment.-

Hmm. Okay okay~ time to do my work! Goodnight!

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