Wednesday, July 20, 2011


And you can tell from this picture, I'm pretty much dying.

Hiiii! Awhule ago, I was having gastric pain. It wasn't that serious and I tried to sleep. Who knows, it became worst. This is one of the worst gastric pain I ever had. I was like an earthworm, wriggled on the bed for 2 hours. Cool? I did take medicine, but it took quite sometime to work. Hahaha. And now that I'm not in pain already, I'm feeling hyperactive. Hahaha. Guess what, I even tried to do split as if it can get my tummy hurt less. Hahaha. Too desperate.

I'm watching 2NE1 video again and again because I think they're damn awesome. @_@ .

Alright am ending here buhbye.

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