Wednesday, July 13, 2011


): Hi readers. I'm not so well today. Geez. I'm having slight fever and bad sore throat... My throat is itchy itchy lemon squeezy.

I'm stuck here. I don't know what should I write about, but I just wanna blog something. HAHA. Oh yaaaaaa,

You know, I think I'm quite strange that I x100000000000 times dislike eating papaya, like seriously dislike. But you know, I really love papaya milk. HAHAHA. WHY IS THAT? And talking about papaya, now is the season for durian and mangosteen I think? Hahahhaa I ate durian yesterdaaay! Yumz yum. I've yet to see mangosteen anywhere in my house..

And for your information, my blogshop is back here alive. We've renovated it, for us to use it easily. I'm taking in Dollywink and also Candy Doll cosmetics! And also new lens in cute packaging!!


Please do support!!! ~

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