Friday, July 22, 2011


Good day people, been lazy to blog lately. Hmm, well, I've been like pretty much lifeless. Hahaha, what I mean is, I've been sleeping like a pig at home everydayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Sleep, sleep, sleep. And I'm kinda going crazy. I needa get a life.

Well, was like a chatty day for me. Chit chat with Lizzie non-stop. We're totally into our own world. Classmates tried to ask me questions while I was talking to her, so I just quickly entertained and continue. They are pretty much shocked. HAHHAHAA! Can you imagine talking non-stop for 1 hour? As in, it's really very fast like Japan Bullet Train. Hahahahhaha, nah, just being lame.

And I'm selling this authentic Stussy T-shirt, bought from Korea, Size M, brand new at SGD40. Original price at SGD57. Not faulty or anything Brand newww. With tag on.


Yup, if interested do email me at

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