Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wassup? ^^. Mannnn, I had a good long weekends. Hahahahaha. And having 1 week holiday next week! But sad thing is, since I've to rush my art work, we have to like go back school everyday. I am sad. At first was feeling extremely excited like @_@. But anyway, fml. Hhahahaha.

I realised my hair grew so fast. Hahaha, it's been like umm, 9 months since I cut my hair? Now now, should I cut my hair shorter or let it grow longerrr? Actually, I was thinking of growing it like super long to do super nice hairstyles, etc, and also stop having short bangs. Hahahaha. Good idea? Yes, yes. Then after my O level I can probably dye super awesome bright hair colour. I already have many colours on my mind. Ash blonde, red, light brown? Hahahahaa, maybe blue? Hahaha just kidding~ ^^

Any questions or suggestion, do leave me a comment below or thru my formspring~ Kekekeke

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Monday, August 29, 2011



Hiii, recently especially today, the weather is super cold! Don't you thinkkk? Waking up in the morning, and look out of the window, you see rain. Such a nice feeling. Then start sneezing. Hahaha best part! :P . And a cup of hot cocoa? Hehheehhehehee. Seriously loving loving loving the weather.

Danced todayyy at Lizzie's house with Sakae. Hahhahaa. Fun fun.

I'm currently, gaming which I am not supposed to! Hehehehe,

Alright! Seee ya people~ <3

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great weekends.

Hihihihihihihihihihi, I didn't blog for DAYS! Anyway just to let you guys know, it's been a great weekend for me! What about you guys?! Hehehehehe. Yesterday had a MG FAM gathering! So much fun! It was to celebrate Selina's birthday! We had picnic at Vivo City's sky park! Hehehehhehehe. I cooked mac and cheese! And there's so much food! Fatsss. And and, we played games together and laugh like mad. It's like I laughed till I'm super tired and felt like I was gonna have six packs the next day. But sadly there isn't any six packs. Hehehehehhee.

Met up with Gi and Lizzie today! Hehehhee, we went to check out Daiso, walk around etc etc.

Halloween in coming! Time for some creepy makeup to scare people! Please stay tune for my scary makeup! Hehehehhehehehehehe! <3

But lizzie went off early. So me and Gi went to Hong Kong Cafe for a drink and dessert. Hehehehe. 

Awesome Strawberry Snow Ice. Hehehehehehee. Well then! Thats about all for today! Hope you guys have a great public holiday ahead! <3 Goodnight!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dragon Nest?

 Hiii... I'm bored. Hahaha. I really cannot take it. My sister is farting non-stop in the room. I really gonna stuff something on her ass. -.- . It stinksssssssssss. Anyway, I was trying out this game called Dragon Nest. I think most of you if you're gaming would heard of it righttt? Hahahaha. It's quite fun man. The character supa sexy.

Yes yes? Sexy right? Hahahahahahahaa. I know I shouldn't be gaming, but... Hahahahahhaa. Whateverrr. Just some short update. My blog is dying. I know... byeee

Monday, August 22, 2011

Life. Misery.


Hi, been lazy to blog lately. What's life? I don't know and I don't want to know. I'm still young, many things I've yet to experience. I only know, I wanna quickly finish my O level, get it done once and for all. I wanna quickly finish my studies. Quickly start working, do what I love to do, and quickly get out of this place. Travel to somewhere far away from Singapore. I just wanna end my misery. What? I may not look like it. I may seem happy everyday. Look whose the good actress here. Aha. I'm feeling like shit. Who is there who actually cared? No, nobody. Ya, maybe there is. They'll ask you "What happened?!?!" and they will start comparing boasting how good or how bad their life is. What is there to boast about? Better off, keeping things to myself. Nobody really cares. And I don't care as well...

And to those disgusting people who viewed my blog, criticize me like nobody business. I'm not stupid. I'm reading it. I think you people are not any better than me. Ahah, if you're so damn gorgeous or handsome, I dare you post it online. Oh.... you're so damn PERFECT isn't it. Bullshit. Only ugly people like you guys enjoy doing such stuff, seriously no life and low life.  Get a life, stop sitting behind the computer doing such things. You can continue saying. I am sure karma will bite you in the ass. Cursing you people to have fugly girlfriend/boyfriend for life long. ^^

Ending my post here. Goodnight.

Saturday, August 20, 2011



Hiiii am blogging todaaay. Welll... nothing much to talk aboutttt. My blog is getting real boring.

Anywayyy lousy pictures of my recent new goods.. Cute bagg and not really nice but cheap heels.
I wear the heels is super cheap. I bought from City Plaza. There's like nicer ones but don't have my size. -sad- It cost like 1 for $12 and 2 $18 or $16 I forgot. CHEAP ISN'T IT?! Hahahaha. But anyway, I just bought two. One is mum's one. Super cute. But I don't know where she place it.

Well, today just dance at Lizzie's hosue studio then later went to meet my sisters at town for lunch. @_@ . Hahahaha. I was super sleepy.

I'm hungry now... @_@ . Oh yaaa while I was on my way home with my eldest sis, we were on the train. And there was this guy who really look like Wolverine. oh my god. I was waiting for a chance to tell me sister, while suddenly she said "Wolverine" And I started laughing like mad. Hhaahhahahahahahahha! So there was a seat, and it was beside that Wolverine guy. I was holding my laughter the hold entire time until there's a seat next to my sister. And finally I burst out laughing like mad. I don't know why am I laughing.. people think I'm crazy. HAHAHAH. BUT SERIOUSLY, IT'S TOO FUNNY. I MEAN, HE DON'T LOOK FUNNY... But just funny.. Hahahahahaaha. Ok.. sorry... crapping. ): .

I WANNA BUY A NEW EYELINER BRUSH. I LOST MINE. Sad. Where can i buy a good oneee~ '

Okieee, I'm going ahead to rest good night people!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mixed Feelings

Hi. It's been two days since I updated my blog. Man, I'm not really in a good mood today. Not my day. ): . Well, basically, I just go to school, go home, sleep, go to school, go home, sleep. Yuppp. Today met my mummy after school to get a new pair of specs because I think my degree increased. >< . I am sad... Just got a normal black frame specs. Hahaha. Bargain with the uncle like mad. He's so cute. Hahahaha! And bought a new heels and bag. I shall post the pictures up tomorrow! Teeeheee.

Anyway I just came home from NEX mall with my sisters. Hehehe. Just went to hang out awhileee... Yup! And I'm super sleepy because I didn't get to sleeep...
Well then, I'm ending my post here people! Bye bye! Keep reading~

Monday, August 15, 2011

New blog layout

Hi readers! As you can see, I've changed my blogskin! Yayyyy! Like finally I had the mood to change it yesterday. My banner's not very well done! I'll take my time slowly to improve it little by little! What do you think? Cute???? Hahhahaha!

It's Monday! I hate Monday... My friend lend me this book titled, "A Child Called 'It'" Shitttt this book is so damn sad... and it's quite addictive. When was the last time I read such a nice book! I remembered Yakuza Moon was the best so far. I guess I enjoys reading non-fiction books. This book is like about the young boy aged I think 9~11 years old being abused by his alcoholic mother. T.T So sad....She actually beat him up till his nose bleed, trammed bar of soap into his throat, burn his hand, forced him swallow Ammonia powder and Clorox? Forcing him to eat his little brother's shit. @_@ . Not feeding him dinner or lunch. That's so freaking horrible!! I know this book is an old booook. Kekekke. But it's really saddddd. T.T

Hahahaha, very disturbing right? :P . Alright then I shall go watch my drama, Love Keeps Going~ Yayyy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun Saturday.

Hihi, yesterday was pretty much a fun Saturday. I'll rate it 7/10. Hahahhaa. Liyuen and Lizzie came to my house for lunch! Actually I was gonna cook carbonara for them. But my sis cooked it in the end! Super delicious!!!

-Garlic & onion (finely chopped)
-4 eggs
-Sliced ham & streaky bacon
-Button mushrooms
-2 can of cream

Mixing of cream with cheese and eggs.

Frying in progressss~

Tadah! Done! I think my sis is really a good cook. Hahaha super yummmmmmmmy! 

And they enjoyed their meal~ Hahahahah! 

They sure had fun playing with my cute little boy, Rusty! Hahahaha!

We were seriously, playing like mad in the living, jumping, laughing,  rapping for fun which we don't even understand what are we even rapping or singing. HAHAHAH! Until my dad came home, we became normal. Kekekeke. Hahahaha!

After that, we went for our class gathering. ^^. It's quite fun. Cause they brought alcohols and play games. Hahahahahahhaa. Some people were drunk. So interesting. Hahahhaa. I didn't do much, just sit there and chit chat, eating my chicken wings? Hahahahhahaa. Well, that's about it for yesterday!

I'm pretty much rotting at home right now! It's Sunday Blues. Hahahah! I'M DETERMINED TO GOJOGGIN LATER GOOD BYE!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Fml, I starting to hate Friday cause of school, like seriously. T.T Not gonna elaborate further... Just a short update to keep my blog alive. ): . I'm having a bad gastric pain right now... So sad... T.T

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Captain America.

Hiiiii, Watched Captain America with friends today.. Hahahha.
 Well, I wouldn't say it's a super nice movie, but just average. Quite funny. Very predictable. Hahahhaa. But it's okay! For at least that male lead, Chris Evan is so hot. Hahahaha. And the female lead is so pretty and sexy~ Hahahaha.

But anyway you guys should watch Rise of planet of the apes. Kekeke.

My lunch~ Tamago yakisobaaa. Kekekke and Red tea with cream~ Wooohooo. Hahahaha.

Pretty much a normal day for me. How bout you guys? Hmm. Alright then I'mma off now. Goodnight~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hii, happy birthday Singapore! Hahahha. I'm basically, rotting at home like not really the whole day. ^^
Went to my house area to eat in the afternooon with my cousin, aunt and my brother. Wakaka. It's called the Mushroom Cafe. Hmm.. no comments about it. But there's a nice park. It's at Seng Kang. Waaaaa. So farr. Hahaha.

Then we went to like explore the Punggol area, which is my new house area. There's like a road, down my house area, it's like empty. So my cousin decided to drive us down to check it outtt. And as we went driving in, there's a sign that reads, "World War II site" Wow, how cool was that? So I believe that area is.. spooked.. Hahahaha!

Well, anyway, we continued to drive down. And there's actually a beach aka World War II site where the japanese actually killed the chinese there? Hahahhahaa. I don't know... But it's like under construction. It's gonna be a nice place in the future.

And here's the picture. And also, it's a small area currently since some parts are blocked. And and it's actually cleaner than East Coast Park. So much cleaner. Hahahaha. So not polluted. So nice. ^^.  Quite alot of people went there. Good spot. Shall relax here sometimes. But again, it's a World War II site... you'll never know... okok. Hahhahahaahhaa.

So down the road to the beach, it's full of trees, very much like Malaysia. Hahaha. So I said, imagine you see those wooden stalls at the road side, it's really like malaysia. Like those aunties or uncles, selling dried fish, bamboo rice, etc etc.. Hahahhaa. And so my cousin said, if you really do see one, you know what is it.. Hahahaha.

Okay, enough of the WWII thing.

Since it's like a two day holiday and I was bored yesterday as I couldn't sleep, I tried to do my nails for fun of course.

It's actually very simple and it looked really nice together! Hehehe, Really love it.

Alright then am ending here! Goodnight! And dear readers! Could you pretty please help me click the ads below my blog title or at the side>>> hehehehe. thanks! :P

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Naise weather.

Hii, was staying at home for half of the day, as the weather is really nice. Had breakfast at home with my eldest sister. Hahaha. ^^. I like. Hahaha.

Evening we went to town for awhile to get some stuff. Finally, I bought my Popteen magazine. I didn't buy the previous issue. Abit sad... Hahahaha. Nothing much to write about todaay. I'm pretty much in a lazy mode.
I shall go on to read my magazine now! Goodnight people!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Liyuen's bday.

 FIrst of all, happy birthday to Liyuen aka Sakae.. sushi. Hahhaha! Man, planned for her birthday until gonna die. Actually not really. Just required some acting skills from me and Lizzie. Hahahha! I think we can be actress already. Hollywood. Hahahaha. Even made her cry. So let me summarise a little. So basically, we lied to her that we got dance session, and I was late and I left suddenly. So me and Lizzie is suppose to quarrel. Hahahahaa. So she end. up finding us and we surprise her.

She was so scared that she cried. And later she cried again because she is happy~

And we actually bought her movie ticket to watch the show she wanted to watch which is Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

While waiting for our movie to start, we chitchat at MOS Burger.
And there we go... spamming pictures, spamming pictures, spam spam spam spam..

And think this picture below frigging cute.

Anyway, the movie is not bad, You guys should watch, ^^. Alright then, shall end here. Goodnight peeps!