Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hii, happy birthday Singapore! Hahahha. I'm basically, rotting at home like not really the whole day. ^^
Went to my house area to eat in the afternooon with my cousin, aunt and my brother. Wakaka. It's called the Mushroom Cafe. Hmm.. no comments about it. But there's a nice park. It's at Seng Kang. Waaaaa. So farr. Hahaha.

Then we went to like explore the Punggol area, which is my new house area. There's like a road, down my house area, it's like empty. So my cousin decided to drive us down to check it outtt. And as we went driving in, there's a sign that reads, "World War II site" Wow, how cool was that? So I believe that area is.. spooked.. Hahahaha!

Well, anyway, we continued to drive down. And there's actually a beach aka World War II site where the japanese actually killed the chinese there? Hahahhahaa. I don't know... But it's like under construction. It's gonna be a nice place in the future.

And here's the picture. And also, it's a small area currently since some parts are blocked. And and it's actually cleaner than East Coast Park. So much cleaner. Hahahaha. So not polluted. So nice. ^^.  Quite alot of people went there. Good spot. Shall relax here sometimes. But again, it's a World War II site... you'll never know... okok. Hahhahahaahhaa.

So down the road to the beach, it's full of trees, very much like Malaysia. Hahaha. So I said, imagine you see those wooden stalls at the road side, it's really like malaysia. Like those aunties or uncles, selling dried fish, bamboo rice, etc etc.. Hahahhaa. And so my cousin said, if you really do see one, you know what is it.. Hahahaha.

Okay, enough of the WWII thing.

Since it's like a two day holiday and I was bored yesterday as I couldn't sleep, I tried to do my nails for fun of course.

It's actually very simple and it looked really nice together! Hehehe, Really love it.

Alright then am ending here! Goodnight! And dear readers! Could you pretty please help me click the ads below my blog title or at the side>>> hehehehe. thanks! :P

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