Saturday, August 20, 2011



Hiiii am blogging todaaay. Welll... nothing much to talk aboutttt. My blog is getting real boring.

Anywayyy lousy pictures of my recent new goods.. Cute bagg and not really nice but cheap heels.
I wear the heels is super cheap. I bought from City Plaza. There's like nicer ones but don't have my size. -sad- It cost like 1 for $12 and 2 $18 or $16 I forgot. CHEAP ISN'T IT?! Hahahaha. But anyway, I just bought two. One is mum's one. Super cute. But I don't know where she place it.

Well, today just dance at Lizzie's hosue studio then later went to meet my sisters at town for lunch. @_@ . Hahahaha. I was super sleepy.

I'm hungry now... @_@ . Oh yaaa while I was on my way home with my eldest sis, we were on the train. And there was this guy who really look like Wolverine. oh my god. I was waiting for a chance to tell me sister, while suddenly she said "Wolverine" And I started laughing like mad. Hhaahhahahahahahahha! So there was a seat, and it was beside that Wolverine guy. I was holding my laughter the hold entire time until there's a seat next to my sister. And finally I burst out laughing like mad. I don't know why am I laughing.. people think I'm crazy. HAHAHAH. BUT SERIOUSLY, IT'S TOO FUNNY. I MEAN, HE DON'T LOOK FUNNY... But just funny.. Hahahahahaaha. Ok.. sorry... crapping. ): .

I WANNA BUY A NEW EYELINER BRUSH. I LOST MINE. Sad. Where can i buy a good oneee~ '

Okieee, I'm going ahead to rest good night people!

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