Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun Saturday.

Hihi, yesterday was pretty much a fun Saturday. I'll rate it 7/10. Hahahhaa. Liyuen and Lizzie came to my house for lunch! Actually I was gonna cook carbonara for them. But my sis cooked it in the end! Super delicious!!!

-Garlic & onion (finely chopped)
-4 eggs
-Sliced ham & streaky bacon
-Button mushrooms
-2 can of cream

Mixing of cream with cheese and eggs.

Frying in progressss~

Tadah! Done! I think my sis is really a good cook. Hahaha super yummmmmmmmy! 

And they enjoyed their meal~ Hahahahah! 

They sure had fun playing with my cute little boy, Rusty! Hahahaha!

We were seriously, playing like mad in the living, jumping, laughing,  rapping for fun which we don't even understand what are we even rapping or singing. HAHAHAH! Until my dad came home, we became normal. Kekekeke. Hahahaha!

After that, we went for our class gathering. ^^. It's quite fun. Cause they brought alcohols and play games. Hahahahahahhaa. Some people were drunk. So interesting. Hahahhaa. I didn't do much, just sit there and chit chat, eating my chicken wings? Hahahahhahaa. Well, that's about it for yesterday!

I'm pretty much rotting at home right now! It's Sunday Blues. Hahahah! I'M DETERMINED TO GOJOGGIN LATER GOOD BYE!

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