Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great weekends.

Hihihihihihihihihihi, I didn't blog for DAYS! Anyway just to let you guys know, it's been a great weekend for me! What about you guys?! Hehehehehe. Yesterday had a MG FAM gathering! So much fun! It was to celebrate Selina's birthday! We had picnic at Vivo City's sky park! Hehehehhehehe. I cooked mac and cheese! And there's so much food! Fatsss. And and, we played games together and laugh like mad. It's like I laughed till I'm super tired and felt like I was gonna have six packs the next day. But sadly there isn't any six packs. Hehehehehhee.

Met up with Gi and Lizzie today! Hehehhee, we went to check out Daiso, walk around etc etc.

Halloween in coming! Time for some creepy makeup to scare people! Please stay tune for my scary makeup! Hehehehhehehehehehe! <3

But lizzie went off early. So me and Gi went to Hong Kong Cafe for a drink and dessert. Hehehehe. 

Awesome Strawberry Snow Ice. Hehehehehehee. Well then! Thats about all for today! Hope you guys have a great public holiday ahead! <3 Goodnight!

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