Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wassup? ^^. Mannnn, I had a good long weekends. Hahahahaha. And having 1 week holiday next week! But sad thing is, since I've to rush my art work, we have to like go back school everyday. I am sad. At first was feeling extremely excited like @_@. But anyway, fml. Hhahahaha.

I realised my hair grew so fast. Hahaha, it's been like umm, 9 months since I cut my hair? Now now, should I cut my hair shorter or let it grow longerrr? Actually, I was thinking of growing it like super long to do super nice hairstyles, etc, and also stop having short bangs. Hahahaha. Good idea? Yes, yes. Then after my O level I can probably dye super awesome bright hair colour. I already have many colours on my mind. Ash blonde, red, light brown? Hahahahaa, maybe blue? Hahaha just kidding~ ^^

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