Monday, August 22, 2011

Life. Misery.


Hi, been lazy to blog lately. What's life? I don't know and I don't want to know. I'm still young, many things I've yet to experience. I only know, I wanna quickly finish my O level, get it done once and for all. I wanna quickly finish my studies. Quickly start working, do what I love to do, and quickly get out of this place. Travel to somewhere far away from Singapore. I just wanna end my misery. What? I may not look like it. I may seem happy everyday. Look whose the good actress here. Aha. I'm feeling like shit. Who is there who actually cared? No, nobody. Ya, maybe there is. They'll ask you "What happened?!?!" and they will start comparing boasting how good or how bad their life is. What is there to boast about? Better off, keeping things to myself. Nobody really cares. And I don't care as well...

And to those disgusting people who viewed my blog, criticize me like nobody business. I'm not stupid. I'm reading it. I think you people are not any better than me. Ahah, if you're so damn gorgeous or handsome, I dare you post it online. Oh.... you're so damn PERFECT isn't it. Bullshit. Only ugly people like you guys enjoy doing such stuff, seriously no life and low life.  Get a life, stop sitting behind the computer doing such things. You can continue saying. I am sure karma will bite you in the ass. Cursing you people to have fugly girlfriend/boyfriend for life long. ^^

Ending my post here. Goodnight.

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