Saturday, August 6, 2011

Liyuen's bday.

 FIrst of all, happy birthday to Liyuen aka Sakae.. sushi. Hahhaha! Man, planned for her birthday until gonna die. Actually not really. Just required some acting skills from me and Lizzie. Hahahha! I think we can be actress already. Hollywood. Hahahaha. Even made her cry. So let me summarise a little. So basically, we lied to her that we got dance session, and I was late and I left suddenly. So me and Lizzie is suppose to quarrel. Hahahahaa. So she end. up finding us and we surprise her.

She was so scared that she cried. And later she cried again because she is happy~

And we actually bought her movie ticket to watch the show she wanted to watch which is Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

While waiting for our movie to start, we chitchat at MOS Burger.
And there we go... spamming pictures, spamming pictures, spam spam spam spam..

And think this picture below frigging cute.

Anyway, the movie is not bad, You guys should watch, ^^. Alright then, shall end here. Goodnight peeps!

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