Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mixed Feelings

Hi. It's been two days since I updated my blog. Man, I'm not really in a good mood today. Not my day. ): . Well, basically, I just go to school, go home, sleep, go to school, go home, sleep. Yuppp. Today met my mummy after school to get a new pair of specs because I think my degree increased. >< . I am sad... Just got a normal black frame specs. Hahaha. Bargain with the uncle like mad. He's so cute. Hahahaha! And bought a new heels and bag. I shall post the pictures up tomorrow! Teeeheee.

Anyway I just came home from NEX mall with my sisters. Hehehe. Just went to hang out awhileee... Yup! And I'm super sleepy because I didn't get to sleeep...
Well then, I'm ending my post here people! Bye bye! Keep reading~

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