Monday, August 15, 2011

New blog layout

Hi readers! As you can see, I've changed my blogskin! Yayyyy! Like finally I had the mood to change it yesterday. My banner's not very well done! I'll take my time slowly to improve it little by little! What do you think? Cute???? Hahhahaha!

It's Monday! I hate Monday... My friend lend me this book titled, "A Child Called 'It'" Shitttt this book is so damn sad... and it's quite addictive. When was the last time I read such a nice book! I remembered Yakuza Moon was the best so far. I guess I enjoys reading non-fiction books. This book is like about the young boy aged I think 9~11 years old being abused by his alcoholic mother. T.T So sad....She actually beat him up till his nose bleed, trammed bar of soap into his throat, burn his hand, forced him swallow Ammonia powder and Clorox? Forcing him to eat his little brother's shit. @_@ . Not feeding him dinner or lunch. That's so freaking horrible!! I know this book is an old booook. Kekekke. But it's really saddddd. T.T

Hahahaha, very disturbing right? :P . Alright then I shall go watch my drama, Love Keeps Going~ Yayyy!

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