Friday, August 5, 2011

Oscar's @ Conrad Hotel

Hii, dined at Conrad Hotel today to celebrate my Brother's birthday. Happy birthday~ Hahahahaa. Well, I'm so full that I'mma gonna EXPLODE. Just need one finger to poke my tummy and it goes, *Pooop* and it burst. There you go.. a bursting xiaoqing. Hahahhaa. Actually, I'm not quite sure what I'm talking about. ^^ And I've got lots of nice food pictures. Hahaha! -Drools-

Seriously, they got almost everything. I took pictures of foods more than myself. hahahahahhahaa! Yumz yumz yumz. Hehehehe. Alright then! I believe the pictures does all the talking! I'm damn fulllll!!!! EXPLODEEEE. Okay, nights, baiii~


  1. You look really pretty in that first picture! And all that food looks yummy *__*

  2. Hello! Thank you! ^^v. And yes, they looks yummy and taste yummy tooo!


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