Monday, August 1, 2011

Ugly cover

Hiii, Good day people. On mc todayyy so didn't go school. Well, nothing much actually. Went to Lizzie's house with Ly to do 2ne1 Ugly dance cover. It's on my facebook wall! So if you do have my facebook take a look! Anyway right, I think eyeliner alone can do alot of difference sia. From o.o to O.O Hahahahaha. Take a look below then above again. Kkkk. Anyway not photoshopped.

And I actually made this bo liao video. Hahaha, just showing off my sweet. Kekekeke. Okay! I'mma off to watch my drama. Bye! Goodnight! ^^


  1. Hello, Aki. Nice to meet you.
    By video I think you so look cute.
    I would like to make foreign friend.
    I am from Taiwan. Where are you from ?
    Sorry ! My English is not really good. haha ...

  2. Hello! Nice to meet you too.^^ I think your english is fine! I'm from Singapore. (: And thanks. ^^

  3. Oh!
    You are Singaporean.
    Do you speak Chinese ?
    I am just a a college student, and you ?

  4. Yeah, I can speak chinese.
    I'm a student tooo.

  5. LOL ! I feel hungry now because I see lots of food pictures on your blog. 我英語也不是很好 How old are you ? 先說我是二十歲。

  6. 哈哈哈哈。
    我是十六岁。 :p

  7. 16 ......
    Ah, you are so young and I feel old.
    I see a one picture
    Your eyes, tongue and face looks epic.

  8. I just read your new article "Fun Saturday." right now.
    You have changed blogger theme. I feel surprised. Haha!

  9. I like your banner. It's cute. Haha. BTW, my major is Computer Science.
    If you need help on layout, I could provide help such as (X)HTML/CSS ... etc.

  10. Wow really? Cool! ^^v. Well instead of chatting here you could email me instead!


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